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About kaptar

We believe that effective pest control is much more than just using the right products. By using integrative pest management techniques, we can rid your home of unwanted pests using the safest and most sustainable options. With years of cumulative experience, and a reputation for reliability and unwavering quality of service, you can depend on your local kaptar professional to deliver safe and trusted pest solutions.

Our Mission

It's our goal to remove the problem rather than just control the problem, and make sure your home is safe and free from pests for the long term. Some pests can re invade homes years or even several months later, but by focusing on integrative pest management, we significantly reduce the chances of a pest coming back. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. 

Our Methods

kaptar professionals do more than just put down pesticides. We use the latest and most effective integrative pest management methods to make your home nearly uninhabitable for pests. By making the environment in and around your home unappealing to most pests, we can keep your home pest free for longer without using an excessive amount of pesticides.

Our Guarantee

We believe in honest and fair pest control practices, and warranty all of our pest solutions, so if your pest problem returns within our warranty period, so will we. Pest free is our guarantee!

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